A timeline of CRC’s histroy

Tikkun Sculpture Installed

The large stones you see are a sculpture called “Tikkun”, created by local artist Ilene Berman. Its form is based on the Jewish mystical story of creation about the shattering of vessels, the gathering of hidden sparks, and the repair of the world. The “Shema”—the holiest Jewish prayer–is written inside. The largest opening is facing

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Mosaic on Oneg Floor

CRC breaks ground

The answer was to rent space in an existing community facility, and this has been accomplished in a number of locales around St. Louis. Several different venues have served as home to the High Holiday services: The Center of Contemporary Arts in University City; the Westport Theatre in northwest St. Louis County; the Chase Park

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Rabbi Susan Talve consults with founding members of CRC

CRC founded in 1984

Rabbi Susan Talve, who had been serving Congregation Shaare Emeth, consulted with the founding families in 1984, as they determined what kind of community they wanted to create. The initial group held services in a park during the summer of 1984 to build interest about the new community.  CRC was formally founded that year, with

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