Lifecycle Events

Lifecycle events are holy and special times at Central Reform Congregation. Our rabbis work with members, non-members, multifaith families, and clergy of all religions to make sure your lifecycle event is meaningful to you.

While we often think of lifecycle events as events that are family-centered – relevant mostly to the individuals close to the person being born, having a beit mitzvah, or being remembered – they are also a part of our community’s life together. Beit mitzvah ceremonies are held as part of our regular Shabbat morning service, so the whole congregation may share in congratulating our young people on their achievements. Likewise, Confirmation is held during a regular Friday night service. While some events are held privately, our value as a community is that, whenever possible, we will be there for each other in times of joy and in times of grief.

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Bris/Baby Naming

Welcoming a new baby into the family is such an exciting time. CRC's rabbis regularly officiate at the ceremonies used to welcome babies into the Jewish community - bris (also known as brit milah) ceremonies for males or a baby naming ceremony for all genders. The bris ceremony is traditionally held when a male child is eight days old, barring medical circumstances, and includes circumcision. Baby naming ceremonies, where the baby is given their Hebrew name, can be held for children of all genders and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for both the family and the rabbi. Both types of ceremony are a special time for friends and relatives to gather and celebrate the new child. Because our rabbis' schedules are often very busy, please give as much advance notice as possible, especially if you are planning a bris, which is traditionally held on the eighth day of a male child's life and must be coordinated with both the rabbi and the person performing the circumcision. 

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Beit Mitzvah

The Beit Mitzvah Program at CRC is a special and memorable experience for the student, their family and friends, and the whole CRC community. This important Jewish "coming of age" ritual marks a young person’s engagement with the array of Jewish knowledge, communities, ethics, and traditions.

Aligning with CRC’s value of inclusivity, we offer a variety of terms to describe your special day such as Bar Mitzah/Bat Mitzvah, and gender neutral options including: Brit Mitzvah, B-Mitzvah, B’nai Mitzvah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Simchat Mitzvah.

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Confirmation, held at the end of 10th grade, is another opportunity for our young people to affirm their commitment and to share what they have learned about their faith and themselves with their family members and with the CRC community. CRC's Confirmation Program meets with Rabbi Randy approximately twice a month throughout 10th grade and allows students to study and determine how the Jewish traditions and values they have learned fit with their lives as young adults in the 21st century. Confirmation students go on an unforgettable trip to NYC together, and end the year with a special Confirmation service in May.



CRC's rabbis perform weddings throughout the year, both at CRC and at various locations around St. Louis. Our rabbis perform weddings where both partners are Jewish, interfaith weddings (both with or without a co-officiant of another faith), and weddings for same-sex couples. We do offer rabbinic officiation for members of the Jewish community who are not affiliated with a congregation. We celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our community! We will work with you to plan a ceremony that is meaningful to you, incorporating both our Jewish traditions and other rituals, readings, or elements that will make the ceremony uniquely yours. We encourage you to contact us early in your planning process for the best chance of finding a rabbi available for your ceremony. Our rabbis' schedules often fill up well in advance and we may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests or requests for a particular date. In accordance with Jewish tradition, our rabbis will not officiate weddings on Friday night, Saturday daytime, or certain Jewish holidays. An important part of wedding preparation at CRC is a series of meetings with the officiating rabbi. This is an opportunity to explore the couple's plans and work through the challenges that arise any time two lives join together, so that the wedding is just the first day in a happy marriage.

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Deepest condolences if you are reading this because you recently experienced the death of a loved one. CRC's rabbis conduct funerals and memorial services, both at CRC and at the gravesite, and will work with you to plan a service that is meaningful to you and your family. Please contact us as soon as possible after a death so we may begin planning for the service. In addition, you may call Berger Memorial Chapel at 314-361-0622 or Rindskopf-Roth Funeral Chapel at 314-367-0438 for help in planning a funeral or memorial service.

End of Life Planning

Take a look at "Creating a Legacy: CRC's Guide to Living and Ethical Wills", linked in the image to the left or at the link below, for comprehensive information on end-of-life preparation, including preparing a will, advanced directives, creating funeral arrangements, understanding life support and organ donation, burial considerations, and financial planning.

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Grief Support

People walking the mourner's path are invited to join CRC's Grief Support Group, facilitated by clinical social worker/CRC member Jamie Sentnor. Participants may be any place along the path, from the first year of mourning to years after the loss of a loved one. The Grief Support Group meets every 2 weeks on Saturday, with updated dates and times on our calendar. All who have experienced the loss of a friend, family member, or loved one are invited to attend. Together, we will listen and learn from one another, helping to make connections and finding ways to support one another through the grief process. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Jamie Sentnor.