Community Portal FAQ

The CRC Community Portal will allow you to view your invoice and payment history, make payments, register for Religious School, RSVP for members-only events, oversee and update the data information in your account.

Click the plus sign next to each question to see the answer.

You need to be a CRC member to access the portal. If you are not but would like to become a member, contact our Director of Membership Engagement, Amy Gage at

Click Here to go to the Portal Login.

Click Here if this is your first time logging in. 

First, Click Here and enter your email address. Please note that it must be the email we have on file for you. If you are unsure what email is on file, please contact Carly at, or call 314-361-3919, ext 100.

You will receive a confirmation email from CRC Community Portal, with an individualized link for you. Click on that link, which will ask you to create a password. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.

We might not have your correct email on file for your record in our system. Please contact Carly at or call 314-361-3919, ext 100.

If your email is correct, click the "Forgot your password" link below the "Log In" button.

If you cannot find the Reset Password or Account Verification emails, please check your spam folder.

If you are still having trouble, contact Becky at or call 314-361-3919, ext 107.


To register your child(ren) for Religious School, click on "Religious School Registration".

To view your open invoices, click "Open Pledges/Invoices". There you will be able to see any open invoices and make a payment.

To make a payment, click "Open Pledges/Invoices". Select the balances you wish to make a payment against and enter the amount you wish to pay, then click the "Make Payment" box. Select your payment method (ACH or Credit Card*), and enter all required information. Then click the "Make Payment" box on the bottom right of the screen.

* Please note that all credit card payments are subject to a processing fee.

Click on "Payment Methods" to view the payment methods we have on file for you.

To add a payment method, click on "Add New Payment Method" in the middle of the screen, then select "Credit Card" or "ACH" (for a direct draw from a checking or savings account). Fill in the requested information and click on "Submit New Payment Method" in the bottom right of your screen.

To view your payment history, click "Previous Contributions/Payments". All payments that have been made in the past two years are shown here.

To view past invoices, click "Contributions/Invoice History". All invoices from the last two fiscal years are shown here.

To view and update your household information, click on "My Household" at the top of your screen. Once there, you will be able to update your contact information including your mailing address, phone, email address, and emergency contact(s). You will also be able to view your tax letters and other information by clicking on "View Household File(s)."

Contact Becky at or 314-361-3919, ext 107

If you get an error message, please take a screen shot. The exact wording of the error message can be very helpful!

This page is accurate as of May 29, 2024.