Annual Financial Commitment

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Here you can contribute to your Annual Financial Commitment (AFC). For more general giving, click here. You do not need to login to make a gift or pay your AFC. Thank you for supporting CRC!

Although CRC’s inclusivity means we will never turn anyone away due to financial barriers, it costs approximately $2,500 annually per member household to maintain our outstanding Rabbinic and office staff, teachers, programs and more.  Please give generously.

If you are fortunate to be financially secure in these challenging times, please consider an increase in your AFC to help account for our fellow members who have financial barriers. Every year our goal is 100% participation from our CRC members at a level that is meaningful for their household.

If you would like to pay monthly or increase your Annual Financial Commitment via ACH (automated clearing house) please click here:
Please note: credit card processing fees will be added to all credit card payments effective September 1, 2022. This will allow all of your payments to go towards your designated charge. Should you not wish to have this fee added to your payment, you can send a check, or have an ACH taken directly from your account. 
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Annual Financial Commitment


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$4,000 (2% of $200,000) or more