First officers installed at CRC

The Evolution: How and Where

The concept of CRC was of a spiritual community with shared values, rather than of a synagogue defined by a building and grounds.  But a congregation needs a place and, at peak times like the Jewish High Holidays, a rather large one.

CRC began its synagogue operations with an office above the Straubs grocery store across the street from the historic Chase Park Plaza and just up the street from Forest Park, one of the nation’s preeminent urban parks.

Having no place of its own for services, CRC entered into an agreement to have weekly Shabbat services at the First Unitarian Church, just down Kingshighway Boulevard from the park and across the street from where CRC now stands.

The church, while a wonderful partner for most services and events, was not of sufficient size to house services for the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  The growth of the congregation, coupled with the High Holiday services being open to the public, meant that a larger facility would be needed for these days.