Mosaic on Oneg Floor

CRC breaks ground

The answer was to rent space in an existing community facility, and this has been accomplished in a number of locales around St. Louis, even up to the present day. Several different venues have served as home to the High Holiday services: The Center of Contemporary Arts in University City; the Westport Theatre in northwest St. Louis County; the Chase Park Plaza, just down the street from CRC’s current home; and most recently, the Jewish Community Center campus, also in St. Louis County.

In 1999, CRC broke ground for its own synagogue building, right across the street from the First Unitarian Church. Our Sukkat Shalom, or Shelter of Peace, houses Shabbat services, secondary High Holiday services, religious and Hebrew schools, a wide variety of CRC and community events, and our administrative offices. And our recent addition, the Oneg Floor mosaic, designed by Indian Jewish artist Siona Benjamin, provides a unique setting in our front foyer for all visitors.