Renew, Return, Reunite: Welcoming 5782 at CRC

Dear CRC Community,

A few weeks ago we outlined our High Holiday plans and were hopeful that our community could gather again to welcome the new year, 5782, in our sukkat shalom. However, our priority is that we honor CRC’s values of caring for the welfare and safety of our beloved community. The Torah not only teaches us to have a deep concern for public health, but to take measures within our power to prevent disease.  

Throughout our story as a people we have always championed public health systems recognizing that no amount of privilege can protect people from the effects of pollution or pandemics. Knowing what it meant to be blamed for plagues, we worked to understand the scientific causes of illness. We understood the importance of addressing the social, economic, and racial disparities that affect mortality rates and health outcomes. We knew that education was among the strongest indicators of health and life expectancy , so we valued, invested in, and sacrificed for learning above all else.

There were also times in our story when our eyes and hearts have been closed by our own suffering. Times that we have been part of systems of oppression running so deep that we could see or feel the pain of others, losing sight of the very values that define us. When suffering hardens our hearts, we forget that our lives are all connected, one soul bound up with the other, and we become part of the problem, rather than part of the repair. 
As we prepare for this New Year we hope to model what it means to be a community that is willing to sacrifice self interest for the common good and provide a safe and loving holy space and, as always, welcome all who wish to worship with us.

We’ve listened closely to national and local health experts and put much time and consideration in deliberating how we can gather and keep each other safe. Because the High Holidays are so overwhelmingly well attended we’ve made some adjustments to our in person High Holiday offerings this year, as outlined below.

After the High Holidays we will return to gathering, just as we have throughout the summer, for Shabbat in both outdoors and inside at a limited capacity.

Streamed Services:
Erev Rosh HashanahKol Nidre, and Rosh Hashanah Day Two will be exclusively streamed, led by all of our Rabbis and musicians from CRC’s sanctuary.
-The majority of our High Holiday offerings, including what is noted above, are available to watch from the comfort and safety of your home at

In Person Services:
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Morning and Children’s Services, SelichotYizkor and Neila services will be in person outdoors in our Ohel Moed.
-Additional in person services and programming include TashlichBreakout sessions, and a new addition, Community Shofar Events, will be held outdoors at various locations.
Please refer to the service schedule below for more information. 

What is the Ohel Moed?
Ohel Moed translates to tent of meeting and will be the primary gathering place for our in person services.
We are having a 40×100 ft tent installed on CRC’s parking lot in which all of our in person holiday services will take place.
-The tent will be set up with a stage for the service leaders, folding chairs set in pods and appropriately spaced, TVs for video elements, and fans. In accordance with spacing recommendations, the capacity of the tent is 250 seats.
-Outdoor restrooms will be available.

Vaccination Requirements:
-Everyone over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated to attend High Holiday services.
If you are choosing not to be vaccinated we ask that you choose virtual services.
-Children under 12 years old may attend Children’s Services, Tashlich, and any of the Shofarot Events and must be able stay with their household pod and follow all Covid guidelines including wearing a mask at all times.

Masking Requirements:
-Masks worn over the nose and mouth are required for all individuals in attendance for the duration of the service. For Children’s Services, all children over two years of age should be masked
-Because of the masking requirements and the high potential for spread of the virus, food and beverage will not be a part of this year’s high holiday programming.

Registration & COVID Screening:
Each individual attending a service is required to be registered via Eventbrite and will be emailed a COVID screening tool that includes attestation of vaccination within 48 hours of the service. Both registration and completion of the COVID screening tool are necessary for attendance.
-Volunteers and staff will be available at arrival to welcome and Check-in registered attendees.

UPDATE as of 9/3/21: Members of the community are now welcome to register for multiple services throughout the holidays.

Note: The use of Eventbrite is intended to track attendance and communicate with registered attendees as we navigate our second phase of reopening. We selected it because we appreciate the functionality and ease of communication with our community. The word “ticket” was not selected by us, but is standard in Eventbrite’s programming. We do not intend for anyone who registers for a service to show a ticket and attendance is limited by the capacity dictated by the safety measures in our COVID safety plan, not by anyone’s ability to obtain a ticket.


Parking will be off site in nearby lots with shuttle service to and from CRC.
CRC’s lot will not be available for parking for Yom Kippur (Thursday, September 16).


  • Shuttles will run all day on Yom Kippur to transport people to and from the designated lots for all services and offerings on CRC’s campus each day.  
  • Shuttles will run a continuous route to pick up and drop off at all three lots.
  • Shuttle drop off and pick up will be on waterman at the edge of CRC’s lot

Shuttle Schedule

  • Yom Kippur, Thursday, September 16, 9:00 am-8:00 pm

 Satellite Lots available for parking:

  • The McPherson: 4715 McPherson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108
  • The Mahler Ballroom: 4915 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108
  • Rinkskopf-Roth Funeral Home: 5216 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108

Signage and Volunteers will be present in all three of these lots to ensure that you’re in the right place.

Valet Parking

  • Limited and complimentary valet parking will be available on Waterman for those with mobility challenges and the need for handicap accessible parking. 
    • Yom Kippur (9/16) 9:00 am-8:00 pm
    • If you need to utilize valet, please access Waterman from Kingshighway

2021 High Holiday Service Schedule

Yom Kippur

Erev Yom KippurWednesday, September 15
7:30 pm Kol Nidre
This service will be streamed only.
Pre-registration not required.
Stream from home:
Yom Kippur Day – Thursday, September 16

10:00 am Yom Kippur Morning Service 
This service will be In person outdoors in our Ohel Moed and live streamed
Registration to attend in person: 

Breakout Sessions (click to read descriptions of sessions)
12:30 pm- Walking The Labyrinth – Rabbi Randy, Robert Fishbone, and Karen Flotte at the Labyrinth In person only
1:30 pm- A Look at the New Survey on the Experience of Jews of Color -Panelists Tari Nussinov, Tema Smith, and Gawain Jameson, facilitated by Rabbi Daniel, in the Ohel Moed In person and Zoom webinar
2:30 pm- The Psalms as a Path Through the Valleys and Shadows – Rabbis Susan and Jim Zoom only

3:30 pm Yom Kippur Children’s Service
This service is for families with children and will be in person outdoors in our Ohel Moed and live streamed.
Registration to attend in person:
Please note that this will not be a fully vaccinated environment.
While children under the age of 12 are not eligible for vaccination, any adults and members of the household over the age of 12 that are eligible should be vaccinated to attend this service.

5:30 pm Yizkor and Neilah Services
This service will be In person outdoors in our Ohel Moed and live streamed.
Registration to attend in person:
Download Yizkor Book: click here

2021 High Holiday Schedule- Pocket Guide

9/15/2021Kol Nidre7:30pmStreamed Only Yes None
9/16/2021Yom Kippur Morning Service10:00amIn Person, in Ohel Moed Yes Register Here
Breakout Sessions:
Walking the Labyrinth (Rabbi Randy, Robert Fishbone, Karen Flotte)12:30-1:30pmIn Person, in LabyrinthNo None
A Look at the New Survey on the Experience of Jews of Color (Rabbi Daniel with Tari Nussinov, Tema Smith, Gawain Jameson)1:30pm-2:30pmIn Person in Ohel Moed and Zoom Webinar Yes None
The Psalms as a Path Through the Valleys and Shadows (Rabbis Susan +Jim)2:30pm-3:30pmZoom Only Yes None
9/16/2021 Children’s Service3:30pmIn Person, in Ohel Moed Yes Register Here
Yizkor & Neilah5:30pmIn Person, in Ohel Moed Yes Register Here

This page is no longer being updated as of September 23rd, 2021.