Central Reform Congregation

Hebrew @ CRC

We’re excited to offer multiple levels of hebrew, multiple times a week, all taught by our own amazing teacher, Maggie.
So that we can make sure that we’re building the right lessons for you, please be in touch with Maggie so she can figure out which class is right for

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Torah Study

Join us to discover what wisdom we can find in our earliest Jewish text and how it is relevant to our lives today! Our Saturday morning class follows the text of the week, while our Friday afternoon class works through the Torah at our own pace – we usually find

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Talmud Circle

Join Rabbi Daniel Bogard each Tuesday from 5:30-6:45pm as we explore the meandering, often meaningful, (almost) never boring world of the Talmud.
All are welcome as we struggle and sift through the sacred ancient literature of our people. We are studying the tractate of Bava Metzia, and we recommend

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Purim at CRC!

We are gearing up for Purim!
This action-packed holiday is the time for fun & frivolity….and what a better way to celebrate than with hamentaschen, hearing the Megillah, attending the Purim carnival, and being together?

Here are the Purim events happening this year at CRC:

Sunday, March 17

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