Central Reform Congregation

7th Grade: Putting the Mitzvah in B’nai Mitzvah: Students  build community during their bar/bat mitzvah year. Students actively  work on Tikkun projects in the community and study the Jewish texts that support the work. This teen program is led by Rabbi Randy and typically  meets two Sundays per month.

8th   Grade:   Building Mitzvot in the City: Students in the 8th  grade continue to get  to know each other and build community while doing bi-monthly community projects in the city.

9th  Grade:  Ani V’Ata:  We can Change the World: Students in the 9th grade class will strive to learn the importance  of advocacy and why, as Jews, it is important  to take an active role in the political process. This class is taught by Shira Berkowitz and Jen  Bersdale, and typically meets two Sundays per month during the school year. The 9th grade year includes a powerful advocacy trip to Washington, D.C.

10th Grade: Confirmation: During the 10th grade year, students prepare for Confirmation. This year is the first step to life-long adult learning. Rabbi Susan teaches and challenges students to explore difficult, but important issues. The class typically meets two Sundays per month during the school year. 10th grade students go on a once-in-a-lifetime Jewish exploration trip to New York City.

Post Confirmation: Stay tuned for info on a new post-confirmation program starting 2019/2020!