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B’nai Mitzvah Siddur Preparation

One of the unique parts of having a bar or bat mitzvah at CRC is that each student creates his or her own prayer book, called a siddur, to be used during the service. While the Shabbat prayers remain the same, each student personalizes the book with that week’s Torah and Haftarah portions and their own readings and images.

Rabbi Randy and Susan at bimah for B'nai Mitzvah

CRC’s Office Manager & Membership Coordinator, Tristan Jones, will help you with preparing your siddur. The information and files on this page will help you get started by downloading a template as well as the Hebrew fonts used for the prayers in the template.


> Step 1: Download the fonts to your computer:

Windows users: The fonts below belong in the Font folder located in your Control Panel.


> Step 2: Download and open the siddur on your PC or MAC:

1. Double click on the appropriate file below, open, and choose SAVE AS. (Select a folder on your computer.)

Morning Service Siddur

Havdalah Siddur

2. Do you see Hebrew?

If not, repeat the steps above to download and add the Hebrew fonts. (Macs generally will not display the Hebrew fonts; but when sent to Megan’s PC, they will appear.) If you continue to have problems, please contact Megan Cahill at (314) 361-1564 ext. 100.

> Step 3: Customize your siddur:

Megan can help you with customizing your siddur. Below are sources for some of the information you will need to make the siddur your own!

1. Scroll down page OR Click link below to obtain your TORAH and HAFTARAH PORTIONS (in Hebrew and English)


2. Click link below to obtain your HEBREW NAME (in Hebrew)

View a list of Hebrew names from which you may copy and paste into your siddur.

Contact Jen Fishering at (314) 361-1564 ext. 101 if your name is not on the list.

Or email Jen

3. Click link below to find your HEBREW B’NAI MITZVAH DATE. (Be sure to check the “After sunset” box if it is an havdalah event.)

Find Hebrew Date.

4. Click link below if you have questions about the TRANSLITERATION and/or CAPITALIZATION of Hebrew words.

URJ Transliteration Guidelines

5. Need GRAPHICS/PHOTOS? Try these sites:

Google images

Yahoo! images

Bing images


Star of David blog

> Step 4: Print your siddur:

Central Reform Congregation provides you with siddur production services. Our capabilities include: full color covers, editing, formatting, proofing, collage-making, and printing.

Here is our process:

1. For each of the two rehearsals, you will receive 3 proof copies—one for the rabbi, one to keep/share, and one to mark your corrections—plus a three hole punched copy in a binder that you will use during rehearsals and when leading the service.

2. To have adequate time to prepare rehearsal copies, we need your print-ready digital siddur 7-10 days before your first rehearsal. You will have opportunities to make corrections and updates following each rehearsal. However, the siddur you e-mail us should include your welcome letter, all your quotes, a description of the mitzvah project, your thank you page, and all your pictures and graphics. If you believe you will have a problem meeting the deadline, please involve us early!

3. Please prepare the siddur in Microsoft Word. If you prepare your siddur in non-standard fonts, please include the font when e-mailing your siddur. If you want to know how to do this, contact Megan.

4. If your pictures and graphics aren’t digital and you are unable digitize them, we can scan them here. We also make picture collages. In these cases, please bring in your pictures early.

5. Once you have e-mailed the siddur, all changes should be either marked up in the rehearsal copy or e-mailed as a list. Please do not resend your copy of the siddur with corrections.

6. Remember, per the rabbis’ request, the cover picture cannot be of your child.

7. The cover is in color; pictures and art in the body of the siddur are printed in black and white.

8. Number to print? Figure one book for each invited guest Add 60-65 additional books for other congregants and guests if the b’nai mitzvah is Saturday morning.

9. To make arrangements, contact Jen Fishering at 314.361-1564, ext. 101,

or email Jen.

Torah and Haftarah Portions for B’nai Mitzvah Siddur Preparation