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Rabbi James Stone Goodman

I was trained as a Rabbi at the Hebrew Union College. I studied classical
Kabbalah with a manuscripts expert at the world class Klau library.

I also have an MFA in poetry writing from University of Missouri – St. Louis. I also
studied classical Greek language and literature with Dr. George Carver at
Arizona State University.

I perform with several musical groups, all of which specialize in original materials
based on traditional themes. I’ve made ten CDs of original poetry, story, and
music based on traditional forms. You can sample these at


I am a student of the word as it intersects with music and poetry.

My special interest is Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism.

I have also opened up addictions support, mental health resources, and prison
outreach in my location, with a small coalition of dedicated loyalists to the cause.

I am always learning.