Central Reform Congregation

CRC’s Mitzvah Corps is a group of CRC members who support other members in good times and in bad. Members are available to help with things like chicken (and vegetarian!) soup, meals, balloons, rides, visits, and more.

If you could use a little extra support from your CRC family, or know someone who can, contact the CRC Mitzvah Corps:

314-361-1564 ext. 313 (voicemail)


Volunteers Needed! Are you looking for a way to help other CRC members? Whether you’d like to cook, drive, or just visit, the Mitzvah Corps needs you! You can let us know how you are willing to help and how often you would like to be called, and we’ll let you know when there is someone who needs your help. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mitzvah Corps coordinators at crcmitzvahcorps@gmail.com.