Justice Chavurot

We have a number of Justice Chavurot as apart of our wider Tikkun Olam Circle that confront a number of social injustices. Learn more below to see where you can get plugged in. 

Justice Chavurot

Text reads "Chavurah for Racial Justice." In the background, a brass set of scales to symbolize justice.

Racial Justice Chavurah

4th Wednesday of the Month, 6:00 pm (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)

Gun Violence Circle (2)

Gun Violence Chavurah

The CRC Gun Violence Circle focuses on educating the CRC community on issues related to gun safety, gun violence prevention, and city gun violence.  We also focus on advocacy in support of better gun laws at the local, state and federal levels.  

3rd Thursday of the month, 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)

lgbtq chavurah website (276 x 276 px)

LGBTQ+ Chavurah

The LGBTQ+ Chavurah aims to repair the world and cultivate joy by providing support to LGBTQ+ organizations, advocating for pro-LGBTQ+ policies at the state and local level, and providing opportunities for the LGBTQ+ CRC community members to connect and support each other. 

3rd Tuesday of the month, 4:00 pm (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)

Text reads "Healthcare Chavurah." a black and white picture of a stethoscope at the bottom.

Healthcare Chavurah

CRC is in the process of launching a Healthcare Chavurah. This chavurah will focus on building community among CRC members interested in issues of health and health equity and in making an impact at the congregational, local, state and/or national levels. If you are interested, please click the button below.

Text reads Voting Rights Chavurah. Photo at bottoms is of demonstrators at the March on Washington 1963 holding signs that say "Voting Rights Now."

Voting Rights Chavurah

To become a participant of the CRC Voting Rights Chavurah, email Chris Hexter by clicking the button below or text him at 314-630-4006. In your response, please provide your name, phone number (indicate cell or landline) and email address. He will then promptly get back to you with a meeting date and time as well as a meeting agenda and speaker(s). We look forward to an influx of interested congregants who want to resist the flood of voter suppression in our State.

Text reads Criminal Justice Chavurah. At the bottom, a young man with curly hair and caramel skin holds a megaphone.

Criminal Justice Chavurah

Newly forming, stay tuned for meeting dates and times

A person holds a monarch butterfly in their hands. Text reads Immigration Chavurah.

Immigration Chavurah

The Tikkun Olam Committee is starting a new Immigration Chavurah. Our goal is to build community through social justice work focused on service projects, policy promotion, and educational events related to immigration. Any and all level of support is welcome. If you’re interested in getting involved or want to join the first meeting to learn more, email Amy Moglen by clicking the button below. We’re hoping to kick off the group with our first meeting sometime in May.

Text reads Homelessness Chavurah. At the bottom, a tent.

Homelessness Chavurah

We have the power to directly help our unhoused neighbors and oppose harmful city ordinances that criminalize homelessness, but it takes a village. To become a partner in our Homelessness Chavurah please contact Helen Petty by email or via text at 314-629-3733 for more information and to sign up for the Chavurah’s first meeting. She will respond with the meeting date and time, agenda, and speaker. This is a collaborative effort so please bring all of your ideas and things you would like to see to the table.

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