Central Reform Congregation

A prime building block of the CRC community is its focus on Jewish education for those of practically every age and place in life. From pre-school through adulthood, CRC offers fun, engaging and meaningful education about God, Torah, Jewish heritage and today’s real-world issues.

The congregation's programs:

* engage young member families to learn together about the joys of Judaism;
* introduce elementary school-age children to an appreciation for Jewish traditions, holidays, rituals and the beginnings of Torah exploration;
*prepare Bar and Bat Mitzvah students for their passage to Jewish adulthood, and engage high school students in advanced discussions and community engagement during their Confirmation studies; and
*stimulate lifelong Jewish learning for adults, from beginning to advanced levels of study in Torah, Jewish history and culture.

Confirmation Class 18

Teen Programs

Teen Religious School and Youth Group

Congregational Retreats

Annual 24-hour retreats allow members to connect for a time of community, reflection, and learning.