There are multiple ways to support CRC and our mission. Click the buttons below to jump to that section of the page.
Thank you for your generosity!

How to Donate

Thanks so much for supporting CRC! Below you will see a number of give forms to choose from. Choose the one that is relevant to you, enter the amount you would like to give, and select "donate now." When prompted, fill out your name, card information, and billing information. If you are giving in honor of someone, include their name. If you have issues giving, call the front office and they will be able to assist you. 

If you'd like to see and manage your donation history, you can create an account by clicking here, and can view your donation history for every donation made *after* you created an account by clicking here. This is optional.

If you prefer to give by mail, you can mail checks to our office at Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108. 
If you prefer to give by phone, call the front office at extension x100 to pay by credit card over the phone or for instructions to electronically transfer stock from your investment account to CRC.
If you would like to pay monthly or increase your Annual Financial Commitment via ACH (automated clearing house) please click here:

Please note: credit card processing fees will be added to all credit card payments effective September 1, 2022. This will allow all of your payments to go towards your designated charge. Should you not wish to have this fee added to your payment, you can send a check, or have an ACH taken directly from your account. 

General Donations

Here you can contribute to your Annual Financial Commitment (AFC), give in honor of a loved one (Tributes), or donate to our general operating fund so we can continue our mission (General Donations). You do not need to login to make a gift or pay your AFC. Thank you for supporting CRC!

Although CRC’s inclusivity means we will never turn anyone away due to financial barriers, it still costs approximately $2,500 annually per member household to maintain our outstanding Rabbinic and office staff, teachers, programs and more.  Please give generously.  If you are fortunate to be financially secure in these challenging times, please consider an increase in your AFC to help account for our fellow members who have been laid off and furloughed during these recent months.

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Note: The 'Personal Info' section should be YOUR information. 'Honoree Details' should be the person you are honoring or remembering.

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Education at CRC

Here you can pay Religious School Tuition, give in honor of our teachers, or support the general mission of our Education programs. Thank you!

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Religious School Tuition & Donations

Please click the link below to pay tuition and/or make a donation to CRC's religious school. 

Adult Education
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Show Appreciation for Our Rabbis

Donations to our Rabbi's Discretionary Funds do not support the day-to-day operations or events at CRC. Instead, your donation will allow our rabbis to support other worthy organizations or individuals in need. Thank you for your support!

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Rabbi Daniel's Discretionary Fund

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Rabbi Jim

Planned Giving & Estate Donations

Arranging your end-of-life plans can be difficult, but it's also an empowering way to make sure your wishes and legacy are carried out. Consider leaving your legacy at CRC.

Including CRC In Your Will

Take a look at "Creating a Legacy: CRC's Guide to Living and Ethical Wills", linked in the image to the left or at the link below, for comprehensive information on end-of-life preparation, including financial plans. To include CRC in your will, take a look at the document on the right.

Planned Gifts

Creating a bequest or other planned gift to benefit CRC is easy. Consider a planned gift and look at the options available to help you meet your goals by discussing this with your family, attorney, tax advisor or financial planner. Click the image to the left, or the link below to download a simple form you can fill out.

Special Fundraisers

These are special, above-and-beyond fundraisers that help take our mission to the next level. Thank you for supporting our Online Community and technology programs, and for helping to make our High Holidays accessible to all. 

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