Yom Kippur Breakout Groups


Re-imaging policing and why this is a Jewish issue, Facilitator- Roger Goldman

Roger Goldman, one of CRC’s founders and our first president, has devoted his long legal career to holding police accountable.  What began as a matter of public safety–challenging the “bad cops” who misuse power and could go from community to community because there was no national data base tracking them–has grown to shine a light on whole departments that need to be held accountable.  The calls to “defund” the police is really a challenge to reimagine how law enforcement and public safety are structured and funded.  From Ferguson to George Floyd, we are well aware of the life-threatening profiling and disparities that exist for people with black and brown skin.  Our Jewish  family includes people of color, police officers who are Black and White, and those who are committed to protesting and working until Black Lives Matter.  We will explore with Roger and with each other how we, as a Jewish community, can be part of the conversation and transformation of policing and public safety for all. 

1:30-2:30 pm

Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof: Jewish views of Justice, Facilitator- Rabbi Daniel Bogard

Join Rabbi Daniel for an in-depth, text-based discussion on justice. Together we will delve into what justice means in the Jewish tradition.


Ferguson Through Photographs, Facilitator-Philip Deitch

Philip, a longtime CRC member and activist is also an accomplished photographer. Philip was at almost every Ferguson protest and event and he has created a remarkable slide show of his pictures and written an accompanying narrative that really tells a story of the moment that gave birth to a Movement.


Moving Body & Soul , Facilitator-Sarah Anne Patz

How do we carry our doubts and our truth? As we experience a time of feeling off balance, how do we understand the way it affects body, mind, and spirit? Does balance offer stability, an experience of being centered, or does in constrict, or limit? Is being off-balance disorienting, or dynamic and generative?

In this meditative movement session, we invoke caring, tending, and deep listening to the yearnings of our soul. Drawing on imagery and sensations and our personal inquiry, we practice moving and being in stillness, finding wholeness and presence.


Loss and Grief in the time of the High Holidays and COVID-19, Facilitator-Jamie Sentnor, LCSW

Jamie is a CRC member and a therapist who runs a bi-monthly grief support group at synagogue (temporarily on Zoom). Jamie will speak to this moment, and how we go through the Holy Days thinking deeply about our loved ones who have died.   She will also address how grief is affected by the pandemic, and the many other losses we are experiencing during these unprecedented times.


From the Front, Facilitators- Rabbi James Stone Goodman and Rabbi Zach Fredman

A dialogue in music and talk

On notions central to the season

Based on messages from the ancestors

And new communique

From the Front


Racial Justice Circle, Facilitator- Micah Rose

Micah is interested in starting a new CRC Circle focused on Racial Justice issues. If you are interested in learning more, join Micah and others who have already expressed interest for a great conversation. This will be a brainstorming session, an opportunity to be part of creating an important synagogue initiative.


Mon Sep 28 2020


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Virtual Event