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The Story of Us

Come Join Rabbi Daniel for this lunchtime class as we take a deep dive into the very first people who thought of themselves as Jews and how they understood their place in the world.

“The best Torah that I think I teach–my chiddush–is an ever evolving story I call, “The Story of Us.” It’s the story–as best I understand it from my five years of rabbinical school and five years teaching at Bradley University–of the first people who thought of themselves as “Jews”, and how our ancient history conspired to give us the text we know today as “The Torah”. We’ll ask: what were the sacred stories these first Jews told themselves? What did they believe about the Divine and about the nature of our world? Where did they believe they came from? You might think of it as “who wrote the bible!” or “the history of the Jews”. To me, it is the story of us.” -Rabbi Daniel

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Thu Sep 30 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Virtual Event
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