Psalms For the Soul of the Nation

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A note from Rabbi Jim:

One of my teachers sat in the bumming room (a kind of gathering room at my beloved school) and recited Psalms under his breath.

He explained, I am making personal prayers, chanting Psalms.

I have that picture indelible in what I call my mind.

We are living Trouble. Feel it? My wife and I have decided that what we will do in these next weeks up to November 3rd, we will dedicate to our spiritual daily work-out: the Psalms. We are going to appear through screens every day except Shabbat and make some sort of expression of a Psalm. We will follow the order.

We will also teach/study the Psalms on Tuesday evenings in October through CRC’s University series, 7 pm.

We will encourage those who want to join us and we will search ourselves for inspiration to create something occasioned by each Psalm.

Then we will collect our products and combine them into a document or an expression of our dedication and our uncertainty and our yearning for better and our radical commitment to survival.

Then we will vote.



Sun Oct 18 2020

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