Lunch & Learn: “From the Left-Wing” with Rabbi Randy

Around 10 years ago, I was a columnist for the Jewish Federation’s then brand-new website. I called it “From the Left-Wing” (meaning in this instance extremely liberal in my religious attitudes, not my political stances) and in it I hoped to articulate and demonstrate some of the specific ways to live out the boundary-pushing, non-judgmental, greatly inclusive and decidedly un-traditional philosophy of Judaism that I had long preferred and espoused. As I was preparing to transition from CRC to my “home office” during our important current state of ‘sheltering in place,’ I came across the complete file of all of the essays I wrote for the column which ran monthly for a few years. I read through them, and they still largely express my Jewish lifestyle, philosophy and outlook.

So, I would like to offer an opportunity as we practice social distancing to come together for a virtual lunch and learn. Twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday at noon) I will read one of the essays live on Facebook, and then make time for feedback and discussion.

*There are many ways you can tune in: watch on the CRC Facebook page, the CRC Online Oneg or our YouTube channel!

(Each From the Left Wing will then result in a video that can be accessed anytime  on our YouTube channel.)


Tue May 05 2020


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


Virtual Event