Listening Campaign- Listening for how we can move justice forward at CRC

Listening Sessions

We are beginning the second step of our Listening Campaign where we can listen deeply to one another’s passions, gifts, and what speaks to our communal heart. Why are we doing this?

Sue McCollum and her sons, Michael and Brian Epsten, have made a generous gift from The Clever Little Girl Foundation to support, deepen and grow the social justice mission of CRC by engaging our members and the greater community in advocacy and action.  We believe that this gift will grow CRC’s resources and capacity to work for equity and justice, core teachings of Torah, especially around issues of race and gender.  It is Sue’s hope that her sons and future generations will participate and be engaged in a meaningful way in this effort.  

CRC has been granted the opportunity to begin the Ashrei Foundation, a not for profit to deepen our social justice work and leverage resources that are not available to houses of worship.  Like many other religious organizations that have their own not for profits, Ashrei will be able to focus solely on social justice values and build relationships with other faith communities that are organized in similar ways and share our values.

The Ashrei Foundation will be a non-profit for social and civic action that provides an engine for the community to extend and sustain the social justice core values of the congregation for generations to come.

As we prepare to launch the Ashrei Foundation, a not-for-profit alongside the congregation to help us deepen our social justice work and move it Ashrei—forward, we are going to listen to each other to determine our path towards more justice, more mercy and more equity for all.

For the past month, we’ve been holding Listening Sessions where we can listen deeply to one another’s passions, gifts, and what speaks to our communal heart. We are trying out a new approach going forward where we focus on one-on-on conversations with a phone call to each member. We would love to hear from you- click the button above to sign up to receive a phone call. If you already filled out the survey questions, you can leave those blank.

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Tue Apr 06 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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