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In Our Midst is a series providing in-depth interviews with and by CRC members covering the arts, sciences, public affairs, and more!

Sally Altman and Dick Weiss

Thursday, January 27th at 7:30pm
Dick Weiss and Sally Altman are Walking the Talk on Racial Equity
After Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson in 2014, CRC members Dick Weiss and Sally Altman asked themselves what they could do to address racial equity in the St. Louis area. The two, who are married, started writing stories about families of color here who have had to deal for generations with systemic racism. Writing came naturally to the couple; both are experienced journalists. Their stories, designed to promote understanding and empathy, produced enough interest that in 2018, they created Before Ferguson Beyond Ferguson, a non-profit racial equity storytelling project. Working with a diverse team of two dozen journalists, BFBF has produced dozens of eye- and heart-opening stories that have been published here by mainstream news outlets like the Post-Dispatch, St. Louis American and Jewish Light. More recently, Weiss and Altman have adopted the hashtag/mantra #OneThingICanDo. In their appearance on “In Our Midst,” Weiss and Altman will challenge you to think about one thing you too can do to address racial equity issues.   


Thu Jan 27 2022


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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