Text reads Homelessness Chavurah. At the bottom, a tent.

Homelessness Chavurah

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Having a place to call home is a basic need and right of every human being. The security and dignity provided by having a shelter to call one’s own is imperative in providing each individual the opportunity to flourish. While we fast for twenty four hours on Yom Kippur, God reminds us that fasting is not enough “Fasting like yours this day will not make your voice to be heard on high …Is not this the fast that I have chosen to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring the homeless poor who are cast out to your house?”.  Following Yom Kippur in the joyous time of Sukkot we build our Sukkah in part to commemorate the 40 years spent wandering the desert, without a permanent home to call our own. We build them with open walls and doors to welcome as many people in from our community as we can. Working to end homelessness is a deep part of our Jewish values.

Currently our city criminalizes homelessness in many ways including
* Clearing tent encampments and throwing away all of the residents belongings. 
* Ticketing unhoused people asking for help on the street
* Making outreach more difficult by ticketing anyone providing food to the unhoused without a permit

Our city also contributes to the housing crisis, especially during the pandemic, by allowing work arounds for landlords on the eviction moratorium currently in place and not requiring new housing developments to have a certain percentage of low income housing units before receiving our tax dollars in the form of tax abatements.

We have the power to oppose these harmful ordinances and directly help our unhoused neighbors, but it takes a village. To become a partner in our Homelessness Chavurah please contact Helen Petty at helendpetty@gmail.com or via text at 314-629-3733 for more information. This is a collaborative effort so please bring all of your ideas and things you would like to see to the table.


Mon May 10 2021


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