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A Holy Response to Hunger

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Hunger is a daily problem for millions of Americans. More than one in seven Americans, including one in four American children, relies upon food stamps—$31.50 a week per person—for their very survival. But even this minimal aid is under attack. Congress has proposed cutting food stamps funding by $127 billion over the next decade. From Sunday, Nov. 11, until Saturday, Nov. 17, join Rabbi Susan and other CRC members in a "Holy Response to Hunger."

Please join us in responding to hunger in the following ways:

Hunger Social Responsibility Shabbat

Friday, November 9, 7:30 pm

We'll kick off our "Holy Response to Hunger" with a Social Responsibility Shabbat service. Join us to hear from a panel of speakers with personal experience dealing with hunger and learn about the programs that can make a difference, including the food stamp program.

Take the Food Stamp Challenge

Sunday, November 11 through Saturday, November 17

Take the Food Stamp Challenge and see what living on food stamps - $31.50 per person, or $1.50 per meal - is like for a week.

Guidelines: During Challenge Week, all food purchased and eaten must be included in the total spending. You may not accept free food from family, friends, or at the workplace. You may not eat food that you already own—everything you eat or drink for a week has to come out of your $31.50 budget. Keep track of your expenses—and your experiences—during the Challenge Week. Share what you’re doing to build awareness with others during Challenge Week. And together, let’s build the public and political will to end hunger in the United States.

For those taking the Food Stamp Challenge, we are organizing a Shopping Trip for the afternoon/evening of Saturday, November 10. Mentors will be available to help you learn how to stretch your food dollar. Sign up for details.

To take the Food Stamp Challenge, contact Jen Bersdale at jennifer@centralreform.org or (314) 361-1564 ext. 116.

Sponsor Rabbi Susan in the Food Stamp Challenge

As part of her commitment to the Food Stamp Challenge, Rabbi Susan is raising money that will be divided among three important programs: Mazon's international anti-hunger programs; anti-hunger programming by the Jewish Council on Public Affairs; and local food pantries. To make a donation in Rabbi Susan's honor, please click here.

Food Drive for the St. Louis Jewish Food Pantry

Food pantries provide a critical lifeline to those struggling with hunger. Join us in supporting the St. Louis Jewish Food Pantry, which operates a satellite distribution site at CRC once a month.

From November 1-30, please bring your donations to CRC. Items should be non-perishable and non-glass. The items the Food Pantry most needs include vegetables, fruit, tuna, chili, canned pasta (e.g. ravioli), tomato/spaghetti sauce, dry pasta, peanut butter, cereal, and macaroni & cheese.

Volunteer for the Food Drive. We need volunteers to help count and box donations. If you can give a couple of hours during the week, contact Jen Bersdale at jennifer@centralreform.org or 314-361-1564 ext. 116 for details. 

Food Stamp Lunch and Learn:

Food Stamped screening

Saturday, November 17, 12:30 pm

Please join us for an intergenerational Lunch and Learn to conclude the Food Stamp Challenge week. We'll watch a 60-minute documentary, Food Stamped, and hear from the CRC members who have taken the Food Stamp Challenge. Please bring a "Food Stamp" bag lunch to eat during the program (worth no more than $1.50 per person). 


The following CRC members and communities are taking the Food Stamp Challenge. The names with hyperlinks have set up fundraising pages on the JCPA website. We encourage you to click on these names and make a donation to support anti-hunger efforts at the local, national, and international levels.

Joel Achtenberg

Ursula Bamnolker

Andrew Bollinger

Leslie Bursack

Dianne Carty

Michael DiPlacido

Amy Gage + family

Michael Getty

Stewart Halperin

Cyndee Levy + family

Cheryl Lyons

Renee Marver

Sarah Marx

Nicole Osheroff

Janet Rodgers

Erin Seuss + family

Michelle Shanker

Joel Smiley

Patti Smiley

Will Soll

Susan Spiegel

Rabbi Susan Talve

Lenna Tasley-Broome

Brian Vetruba

Andy Weigley

Nancy Weigley