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PASSOVER 2017 / 5777 

CRC Rabbi Search
We have initiated the process of adding a third Rabbi to our Rabbinic team.  We have learned from our history that the pastoral, life-cycle events, religious holidays, and education needs of our 800+ household congregation is best served by three Rabbis.  Over the past several years, we’ve enjoyed the additional support of Rabbi Ed Harris, who served in a Rabbinic role part-time until 2014, and Rabbi Educator Deana Sussman, who in 2016 assumed the role of Assistant Rabbi at Temple Israel in Omaha, Nebraska.  
Scott Levine, President of the CRC Board of Directors, has directed CRC’s vice presidents of Leadership and Visioning, Leenie Becker and Janet Rodgers, to form a search committee in the next few months.  This committee will evaluate the needs of our membership, Rabbis Susan and Randy, the board and staff.  The goal will be to begin interviewing candidates late summer and early fall 2017 for 
placement in 2018.   If you are interested in serving on this committee, please e-mail Leenie at alenebecker@gmail.com or Janet at janetrodgers@swbell.net. 


March University Series: Judaism and Religiosity, Singer-Songwriter Style: Songs You Usually Won’t (But Probably Should) Hear In Shul!

Tuesdays, March 7, 14, 21, and 28, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at CRC

This will be a class in the ‘aural’ tradition! Listen to and study contemporary songs (by artists who appeal to a mainstream audience and whose work is largely secular) that address Judaism directly by singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Peter Himmelman, and Leonard Cohen; and others that address general spirituality by musicians such as U2, Van 
Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, and Michael Franti. If you couldn’t tell by the musical selections, the class will be taught by Rabbi Randy. On Tuesday, March 21st, a class on Jewish Music will be offered by a guest teacher, CRC member Stan Misler.



Jews, Christians, and Romans

Mondays, beginning March 6th, 1- 2:00 pm

All are welcome who want to question and explore.
What is so very amazing about this time?  Who were the main players?  What were the issues?  Who won?  Why did they win?  Who lost?Why did they lose?  What were the issues at the end of BCE that influenced CE?  What took the place of the 2nd Temple?  Who was Jesus? What did he do?  What didn’t he do?  Why?  What was Messiah to the people of the time?  Why did they want one?  Why did they pick the one they picked? What does all or any of this mean to us today

Gateway Housing Women's Shelter

Preparing and serving meals March 23

CRC congregants have organized an opportunity to provide meals to the third house, and the first women's shelter built under the auspices of Gateway Housing First. The program offers 16-18 homeless individuals a secure housing and meal opportunity during the winter months. The sites are staffed by a resident who provides counseling services. Post winter, rooms are provided to a smaller group of residents provided they have an ongoing source of income to pay reduced rent.This is their third year of operation. To contribute to this project through donations, cooking, or serving and enjoying the meals with the residents contact Jane Baker


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Live-Streaming Kabbalat Shabbat Services

We are now live-streaming our Friday night services. Click the "U" button (USTREAM) on the bottom of the left panel. In the search window (top, center), enter central reform congregation Shabbat, and click on LIVE. We will archive the services and these will be available for later viewing on the site.

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