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PASSOVER 2017 / 5777 
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CRC Rabbi Search

We have initiated the process of adding a third Rabbi to our Rabbinic team.  We have learned from our history that the pastoral, life-cycle events, religious holidays, and education needs of our 800+ household congregation is best served by three Rabbis.  Over the past several years, we’ve enjoyed the additional support of Rabbi Ed Harris, who served in a Rabbinic role part-time until 2014, and Rabbi Educator Deana Sussman, who in 2016 assumed the role of Assistant Rabbi at Temple Israel in Omaha, Nebraska.  
Scott Levine, President of the CRC Board of Directors, has directed CRC’s vice presidents of Leadership and Visioning, Leenie Becker and Janet Rodgers, to form a search committee in the next few months.  This committee will evaluate the needs of our membership, Rabbis Susan and Randy, the board and staff.  The goal will be to begin interviewing candidates late summer and early fall 2017 for 
placement in 2018.   If you are interested in serving on this committee, please e-mail Leenie at alenebecker@gmail.com or Janet at janetrodgers@swbell.net. 

Awaken Shabbat

Friday, April 14, 7:30 pm during Kabbalat Shabbat

What’s Your Wake Up Call? Join us this Shabbat as we engage in critical conversations about the social justice topics of our time, and perhaps spark new ideas and ways of approaching community challenges. This month we will introduce a local community collective, The Cowry Collective, who poses an actionable solution aimed at solving economic inequalities and injustices through the exchange of our most valuable and accessible resource, time.
Cowry Collective is a unique timebank whose name reflects the ancient practice of exchanging with currency that predates our current use of paper dollars and metal coins. Cowry shells were used as currency for centuries across the world throughout Africa and in China and continue to be used ceremonially among indigenous peoples of North America.
The Cowry Collective Timebank (CCTB) is a network of individual and organizational members engaged in a reciprocal exchange of services where the unit of currency is an individual’s hour of time. CCTB catalogs individuals' and organizations' strengths, skills, and willingness to help others, and then connects these individuals and organizations with each other to assist them in meeting their respective needs. The idea is simple: I earn a time credit by spending an hour doing something for you. You turn around and earn a time 
credit doing something for an hour for someone else. It is a money-
free pay-it-forward network. Join us this Shabbat to learn more about the Cowry Collective.

Morning Yizkor Service

Tuesday, April 18, 8:00 am at CRC

Yizkor is the name of both a specific prayer and the service during which it’s recited. The word means “memorial” and is based on the Hebrew word zachor - to remember. There are four Yizkor Services throughout the year. One is held during the 8th day of Pesach. Besides praying, Yizkor is also observed by giving tzedakah in memory of one’s loved ones.

Our CRC service is unique. The prayers are kept to a minimum. The central part of the service is where everyone gets a chance to share stories about the loved ones they have come to remember. One is not obligated to share. If one just wants to pray, sit and listen, that is totally okay. Also, these services are not just for people who have lost someone in the preceding year, but for anyone who would like to honor the memory of a loved one. Everyone is welcome!


EARTH DAY, Saturday, April 22, 12:00 pm 

Be a Mensch Maker! Join us monthly to make a difference!
Mensch Makers: A mitzvah program for families with kids ages 5-12.  Siblings welcome!
Calling all mensch making, tree hugging, mother earth lovers!  Dig this: Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at the CRC Mitzvah garden!
It doesn't take a green thumb to grow plants - it takes a brown knee! So come dig in the dirt & help make CRC's vegetable garden even better this year!
12:00-12:30  pizza, fruit, veggie lunch at CRC
12:30 - 1:30 pm at CRC Mitzvah Garden Day: Plant marigold seeds in the CRC Garden and stuff pantyhose with pet fur to create a 
barrier to keep the bunnies away. This project will help CRC grow fresh veggies to stock the food pantries of the Holy Ground 
Congregations. Wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting dirty,  and bring any gardening gloves, tools, and knowledge you have 
available. RSVPs needed for pizza supply to Rachel at rdelston@gmail.com.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Friday, April 21, 7:30 pm at CRC

Hidden in Plain Sight is a story that describes the brutal occupation of Greece by the Nazis as it follows a young Jewish woman from Thessaloniki who moves to Athens in the early years of World War II and lives as a Christian to avoid arousing suspicion. This book shines a light on the mostly unknown plight of Greece's Jews and the brave attempts of the Archbishop of Athens to protect them. 

Karen Batshaw, MSW author will speak during our Friday night service on Friday, April 21 about her book Hidden in Plain Sight. Her talk will be part of our Yom Hashoah remembrance service, as the themes in her book are so closely intertwined with Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Project Clean up and Beautification

Sunday, April 30th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm 
Rain date: Sunday, May 7, 1:00 - 4:00 pm)
Meet at Grace Hill, 2125 Bissel (Water Tower Hub)

Every December CRC collaborates with Grace Hill to weatherize homes. This month, we will continue our support by spending an 
afternoon with Grace Hill residents to clean up and beautify this diverse neighborhood in North St. Louis City.  Suggestions on what to bring (optional): garbage bags, garden gloves, rake, shovel, pots of flowers or flower six packs, potting soil or any yard beautification equipment. Bring your family and friends, best for ages 12 +.  
RSVP encouraged to Randy Weiss at randyweiss11@gmail.com or 314-713-4100 or Lisa Levine at lisabari64@gmail.com or 314-651-2379.

April University Series: 

Tuesdays, April 18 and 25, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at CRC

Taught by Rabbi Susan Talve and Rabbi James Stone Goodman
Courage to Change: A look at the Omer period as a blueprint for inner 

Jews, Christians, and Romans

Mondays, 1- 2:00 pm

All are welcome who want to question and explore.
What is so very amazing about this time?  Who were the main players?  What were the issues?  Who won?  Why did they win?  Who lost?Why did they lose?  What were the issues at the end of BCE that influenced CE?  What took the place of the 2nd Temple?  Who was Jesus? What did he do?  What didn’t he do?  Why?  What was Messiah to the people of the time?  Why did they want one?  Why did they pick the one they picked? What does all or any of this mean to us today


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Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat 
All Fridays at 7:30 pm

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All Saturdays at 9:30 am

Shacharit Service
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B'nai Mitzvah
Saturday, April 8, 5:00 pm
Bat Mitzvah of Sasha Kaslow  

Saturday, April 22, 4:00 pm
Bat Mitzvah of Chloe Creighton