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Whether you are a member or a friend, you are welcome at CRC. Please join us at our upcoming services, programs or events.

Rabbi Susan Named One
of America's Most Inspiring Rabbis by The Jewish Daily

Click here for the link.

Please Join us for CRC's Annual Meeting on May 4

What's Your "Why?"

At CRC we aspire to become a Visionary Congregation. Studies have shown that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary congregations includes:

A participatory culture that results in inspirational experiences that infuse meaning into people’s lives.

At CRC we have many inspirational leaders. As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration we’ll have 30 inspired individuals share their Why? answer with you.

You’ll also have a chance to meet our new board members and staff, and we’ll close out the afternoon with a medley of CRC songs.

Your presence adds meaning to lives of those around you. Please join us on May 4 at 1:00 pm.

The 2014 Tikkun Olam Survey is Here!

As we continue to look toward CRC's future, we want to hear from YOU.  The 2014 CRC Tikkun Olam Survey will help us identify and create the opportunities for tikkun olam – repair of the world – that matter to CRC members. Even if you are a new member and/or have yet to participate in Tikkun Olam activities, we want your opinion!  Please click here to fill out the survey by Friday, May 9, and you will be entered in a drawing to win one of four loaves of our famous CRC challah.

Live-Streaming Kabbalat Shabbat Services!

We are now live-streaming our Friday night services. Click the "U" button (USTREAM) on the bottom of the left panel. In the search window (top, center), enter central reform congregation Shabbat, and click on LIVE. We will archive the services and these will be available for later viewing on the site.

In the same panel, you can connect to our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and directly e-mail CRC.

Connecting at CRC...

As the kickoff event of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, our Open House and Opportunities Fair brought out a huge number of CRC members and potential members who explored how they could become involved in the life and work of CRCDidn't make it or are curious? Click here to read the details of our opportunities. Click here to let us know your interests.

Weekly e-announcements:

This Week - April 24, 2014

Your Library: Our Sifriat Shalom

CRC Library Catalogue

Looks like every other link? Yes, but this one is the key to our on-line catalog of books. You can check by author, title or subject matter to see what books we own and which of them are available for check-out, i.e. “IN.”  The option to reserve items on-line is  not yet available. Try it. See what we have and visit the library when you are here.

Unfortunately, this link only works outside the CRC building.

April University Series with Rabbi Randy - Spring fever!

Tuesdays in April, 7:00 pm

For our Tuesday evenings in April, we will focus on the Spring season as experienced in Jewish texts, traditions, legends, rituals, and holy days.  Equinox, planting, Passover, Omer counting and more. On the third Tuesday (April 15), class will be preempted by the congregational second Seder, but certainly feel free to sign up and join us.

May’s Social Responsibility Shabbat

Friday, May 16, 7:30 pm

Please contact Jennifer Bernstein at (314) 361-1564, ext. 117 or jenniferb@centralreform.org with any questions.

Rally to Support Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

On a windy corner in St. Louis County, our rabbis and CRC members rallied with other organizations in support of Medicaid expansion.


Follow Rabbi Susan and 23 CRC members and friends on their Jewish journey through India.

The journey is over. Click for Rabbi Susan's journal. More will be added as photos come in. Click for their itinerary and background information.

CRC is proud to be an active member of Missouri Health Care for All.

Click here to learn more.

"Protect freedom of religion for all Missourians" by Rabbi Susan

Click here to read.

"Protect freedom of religion for all Missourians" by Rabbi Susan



Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat 
All Fridays at 7:30 pm

Family Shabbat Service
All Saturdays at 9:30 am (except in July)

Shacharit Service
All Saturdays at 10:00 am

B'nai Mitzvah

Amit Cohen
April 26, 10:00 am

Jackson Morose
April 26, 5:00 pm

Julia Michel
May 3, 10:00 am

Ari Krupnick
May 3, 5:00 pm

Emily Hirshman
May 24, 5:00 pm

Tyler Newmark
June 7, 4:00 pm

Scott Goldman
July 5, 10:00 am